Akvis has released Akvis Magnifier 3.0 for Mac and Windows. It’s an
update of the tool to resize digital images. Featuring advanced photo
resizing algorithms, Akvis Magnifier enlarges digital pictures to
“super-high” resolution. Version 3.0 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6
(“Snow Leopard”).

The program is available as a plug-in to a photo editor, as well as a
standalone edition. Version 3.0 offers a new interface and improved
compatibility. Support for 64-bit has been added to the plug-in
version (now compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4 64 bit). It also
adds compatibility with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and Windows 7.
Plus, Magnifier 3.0 adds new measurement units to specify the size of
the output image. In addition to pixels and percent, it is now
possible to set the size in centimeters, millimeters or inches.
Upgrade for registered users is free.

A 10-day demo is available for download
(http://Akvis.com/en/magnifier/index.php). Registered users of
Magnifier can update their version for free.

Akvis Magnifier Home License (plug-in or standalone) sells for
US$129. Home users can take advantage of the full line of Akvis
plug-ins in the Akvis Alchemy bundle for $325, a savings of $ 714
over purchasing each separately. For business licenses consult the
Aksvis web site. One license key allows activating the software on
two computers — for example, on a desktop and a laptop.