.com Solutions has announced FmPro Migrator
Developer Edition 5.35
with enhancements to the Servoy Migration feature.

FmPro Migrator Developer Edition enables Servoy
developers to realize productivity gains by
re-purposing existing Microsoft Access and
FileMaker Pro solutions into the Servoy
development environment. The FmPro to Servoy
Migration Service incorporated within FmPro
Migrator Developer Edition provides a fixed-price
conversion service for converting Microsoft
Access and FileMaker Pro database files into
Servoy Eclipse projects. This service includes
the conversion of layouts, scripts,
relationships, and value lists within a
predefined budget.

According to the folks at .com Solutions,
enhancements to the FmPro To Servoy Migration
Service include:

° Conversion of tab controls — FileMaker and
Access Tab Controls are converted into Servoy Tab
Panels, including all embedded objects. Each Tab
Panel is created as a separate Servoy subForm
referenced by the Tab Panel control on the parent
form. Embedded Tab Controls are migrated as well
as the background color of each Tab Panel. Each
individual Tab Panel object is placed onto the
main Tab Control in a staggered manner for easy
selection within the Servoy Eclipse IDE.

° Conversion of merge fields — FileMaker merge
fields are converted into Servoy merge fields
having the same functionality. The FileMaker
merge field markers are converted into Servoy
merge field markers and the data provider name is
changed if needed. Data provider names are
prefixed with the required relationship name if
the fields are located in a related table,
otherwise the converted SQL compliant table name
is directly used as the dataProvider.

° Creation of stored and unstored calculation
table functions — FileMaker stored and unstored
calculation fields are converted into Servoy
datasource calculations. Unstored calculation
fields are added to the Drop SQL Columns.sql
report. By dropping these database columns from
the SQL database, the columns become unstored
calculation fields in Servoy. The FileMaker field
calculations are converted into commented
datasource calculation.js functions in order to
serve as the starting point for further

° Summary field to aggregation conversion —
FileMaker Summary fields are converted into
Servoy aggregations. Summary fields are also
added to the Drop SQL Columns.sql report so that
the columns will not appear within the SQL

° ToolTips conversion — Object tooltips from
Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro objects are
converted into Servoy tooltips for fields,
buttons and imbedded form image objects.

° Z-Order object stacking — Though it’s not
possible to extract z-order stacking info from
objects on Access forms/reports or FileMaker
layouts, FmPro Migrator assigns a formIndex
parameter for each form object which is created
within the Servoy project. This parameter is
assigned in a manner which is designed to reduce
the possibility of important objects like fields
being hidden under objects like rectangles,
images or buttons. The end result is a completed
and functional Servoy form which looks almost
identical to the GUI of the original database.

° Demo mode — Due to the complexity associated
with any database migration project, it is
recommended that a small test project be
completed prior to starting the full conversion
project. By default, FmPro Migrator Developer
Edition processes FmPro to Servoy migrations in
demo mode without a license key. In Demo mode,
FmPro Migrator Developer Edition will process 5
layouts and 5 scripts.

Using the demo mode at no charge, enables Servoy
developers to become familiar with the conversion
process and see the completed layouts in the
Servoy Eclipse project. FmPro Migrator Developer
Edition is priced at US$200 per developer and
includes a copy of FmPro Migrator Developer
Edition for both Mac OS X (Universal Binary) and
Windows platforms. Existing FmPro Migrator
Developer Edition customers may upgrade to FmPro
Migrator Developer Edition 5.35 at no charge.