Markzware has released PageZephyr (, a content
search and extraction engine. It was developed using Markzware’s
Common Reader Architecture (CRA), the technology at the heart of
Markzware’s current and future products.

PageZephyr technology makes it possible to search proprietary
documents, and then takes that to a higher level, allowing users to
examine and extract text from the most popular publishing native file
formats, such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and soon Microsoft
Publisher, PageMaker and other document types. Content-intense
professions that specialize in managing, locating and re-using large
volumes of specific data will substantially benefit, according to
Markzware PageZephyr is especially valuable to businesses such as:
advertising, publishing and printing, manufacturing, finance, legal
(e-discovery / e-forensics), information and governmental agencies,
the company adds.
PageZephy indexes, locates and outputs content created from
proprietary or encoded formats without the need for the original
authoring application. The release version of PageZephyr is
compatible with .indd (Adobe InDesign CS through CS4), and .qxp
(QuarkXPress versions 6 through 8) files. In addition, PageZephyr’s
index extension capabilities can extend indexing to both attached
volumes and networked volumes, to include “the enterprise.”

PageZephyr allows searching of content through user-selected keywords
and key phrases. Operationally, PageZephyr first identifies the
searched terms throughout various “stories” located within a document
and can search documents by file size, modification date or creation
date. Keywords and key phrases are highlighted. The results of the
query also include the context of the keyword or key phrase within a
specific story.

What’s more, content searching may be performed in any language.
After selecting the story, its text will be displayed in a “story
board,” for viewing, editing and exporting to formatted RTF, Plain
Text or distributing to, which provides a
collaborative environment for users to share, edit and market their

PageZephyr runs on the Mac OS X platform, with versions for Windows
platforms currently planned for future release. A 10-day fully
functional version can be downloaded for free. Two versions are
available for sale: US$129 for search only and $299 for both content
search and extraction.