Retina-X Studios has announced the immediate availability of AceSpy
for Macintosh computers. Using this new spy technology, users can
silently monitor everything their child or employee does on the
computer and Internet. AceSpy Mac brings to OS X the same technology
used by AceSpy for Windows for over six years.

AceSpy Mac runs in total stealth mode and no mentions of the program
are shown on the Desktop, Dock, Applications Folder, Force Quit
Applications menu or Menu Bar.

After the software is set up on the Macintosh, it silently records
actual screenshots every sixty seconds by default. It also captures
text logs of keystrokes typed, entire chat conversations,
applications ran and web site visits with complete content recording.

Any concerned parent or employer can know the complete truth, with
pictures. All logs can be viewed on the Macintosh by pressing a
secret set of keys together at once, which brings up a password box.
After the password is typed, users can view a full-screen slideshow
of the screenshots with rewind and forward controls, along with the
normal text logs of activity.

Users also have the option of having new logs sent to their email
address at any rate they choose, such as hourly. This gives parents
the ability to monitor their child’s Mac from their work computer or
another computer at home. It gives employers a way to keep tabs of
multiple employees inside a single email address.

“I have been very happy with the product. It’s great and lets me
protect my children, and I really don’t want to be without it,” says
Diana Sanderson, an AceSpy customer in New York. PC Pro magazine
adds, “If you’re really worried about the scare stories of online
predators that frequent the tabloids and news programmes, AceSpy is a

This effective system helps businesses enforce their Acceptable Use
Policy on company-provided Macintosh computers. The software can also
help enforce teen or family rules on Mac computers. It gives a parent
the ability to remotely monitor their child’s Internet activities
from any web browser by logging into their email.

AceSpy Mac costs $59.97 and works with all Macintosh makes and models
running Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard or Mac OS
X v10.4 Tiger. AceSpy Mac is also available for Windows computers
running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. The product can be
found at