Primera Technology (, a
manufacturer of specialty printers, announced its
BravoPro Xi-Series Disc Publishers. They’re new
and improved versions of Primera’s BravoPro Disc
Publishers. They’re compatible with Mac OS X 10.5
(“Leopard”) and higher.

According to the folks at Primera, features of
the Xi-Series include: 300% faster robotics for
higher throughput; an interior blue LED lighting
with job status feedback; a seventh-generation
disc picking mechanism; optional Blu-ray Disc
recordable drives; and lower prices. Three
Xi-Series models are available:

° The BravoPro Xi AutoPrinter: 100-disc capacity
for print-only applications for US$1,995. It will
print up to 172 discs per hour.

° The BravoPro Xi Disc Publisher, a100-disc
capacity and one high-speed CD/DVD drive for
$2,995 You can burn and print up to 32 discs per

° The BravoPro Xi2 Disc Publisher, which has
100-disc capacity and two high-speed CD/DVD
drives for $3,295. You can burn and print up to
60 discs per hour.