O’Reilly Media has released “iPhone Game
(http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/9780596159856) an
US$34.99, 255-page book designed to teach game
development basics and iPhone programming
fundamentals. The authors are Paul Zirkle and Joe

This book was written to help readers learn the
technical design issues particular to the iPhone
and iPod touch, and suggests ways to maximize
performance in different types of games. You also
get plug-in classes to compensate for the areas
where the iPhone’s game programming support is
weak. Topics include:

° Learn how to develop iPhone games that provide engaging user experiences;

° Become familiar with Objective-C and the Xcode suite of tools;

° Learn what it takes to adapt the iPhone interface to games;

° Create a robust, scalable framework for a game app;

° Understand the requirements for implementing 2D and 3D graphics;

° Learn how to add music and audio effects, as well as menus and controls;

° Get instructions for publishing your game to the Apple Apple Store.

Zirkle has five years of mobile game programming
experience and is currently a lead mobile
programmer at Konami Digital Entertainment. He
has worked on over 40 titles, including porting,
re-writing and full development.

Hogue has five years of mobile game programming
experience. He worked with Zirkle at Konami and
currently works for Electronic Arts as a mobile
programmer. Hogue has worked on over 40 titles as
well, including porting, re-writes and full