LogicalVue Software has announced the availability of the RBDevZone
Podcast. It’s an enhanced audio podcast that focuses on REALbasic
topics. Each weekly episode covers the latest REALbasic news and
discusses a single REALbasic-related topic.

Episode #1 (Topic: REALbasic 2009 Release 4) is available now at
http://www.rbdevzone.com/2009/11/rbdevzone-podcast-1/ . You may also
subscribe to the podcast using iTunes or directly from the RBDevZone
web site:


RBDevZone: http://www.rbdevzone.com/feed/podcast/?format=m4a

Hosted by LogicalVue Software, RBDevZone is a free community site for
REALbasic developers. At RBDevZone you can find REALbasic tutorials,
articles, sample code and more. LogicalVue Software is a software
consulting firm that specializes in creating software solutions using