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LogicalVue Software announces the RBDevZone Podcast

LogicalVue Software has announced the availability of the RBDevZone
Podcast. It’s an enhanced audio podcast that focuses on REALbasic
topics. Each weekly episode covers the latest REALbasic news and
discusses a single REALbasic-related topic.

Episode #1 (Topic: REALbasic 2009 Release 4) is available now at . You may also
subscribe to the podcast using iTunes or directly from the RBDevZone
web site:



Hosted by LogicalVue Software, RBDevZone is a free community site for
REALbasic developers. At RBDevZone you can find REALbasic tutorials,
articles, sample code and more. LogicalVue Software is a software
consulting firm that specializes in creating software solutions using

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