Orb Networks has announced the availability of Orb for Mac OS X,
delivering media anywhere functionality to Mac users. Orb enables
anything from iTunes to be enjoyed on any Internet-connected device,
without downloading titles beforehand or uploading anything to the

Streaming media leader Orb, which released its media solution for
Windows PCs in 2005, and developed the first streaming media player
for the iPhone in 2008, boasts more than 10 million users.

OrbLive was the first application to deliver live TV on the iPhone,
initially as a jailbreak application and then as an approved app in
the Apple App Store in 2008. In addition, the OrbLive technology has
powered custom iPhone apps for The Masters Golf Tournament and the
NBA All Star game, as well as college football. The OrbLive
application has been downloaded by more than 500,000 iPhone owners,
and more than one million people have used the private label OrbLive

The free Orb application and service enable the streaming of any
media type from computers running Mac OS X to any other
Internet-connected device including laptops, mobile phones, and even
TVs connected to a game console. Users can enjoy all their music,
photos, video and webcams anywhere, anytime, without first having to
download content before they leave the house, or upload anything to
the cloud, according to Joe Costello, CEO of Orb Networks. All media
stays on the computer and is streamed directly to the remote device.
Orb for Mac runs on any Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”) or later.
It can stream music, photos, videos, home movies, and webcam feeds
stored in iTunes, on the computer, or any connected device (support
for live TV, via a connected tuner card, will be included in
subsequent versions). On-the-go access to this media requires only a
browser, streaming media player, and an Internet connection, so every
laptop or netbook, virtually any recent generation mobile phone, and
many other devices like media players, game consoles, and tablet-type
computers can play content from the Mac, says Costello. No other
hardware, software or subscription fees are necessary.

For more information about Orb for Mac, go to
http://orb.com/en/download_orb; the OrbLive application is available
today in the Apple App Store for US$9.99.