Human Software ( has updated HSC Edit
for Aperture (Apple’s software for pro photographers) to version 1.8.
HSC Edit is an edit plug-in to Apple Aperture that offers more than
4,000 effects to apply on one or a set of images.

Version 1.8 lets you add text and text effects over a line or
circular on all your images. PhotoFixlens for Aperture corrects
barreling and pin-cushioning lens distortion produced by zoom and
wide-angle lenses.

HSC Edit for Aperture 1.8 offers an all-in-one Crop and Align too,
which is designed to make it easy to align your image while keeping
only what you wish out of it. The HyperFocal lets you add focal
sharpness at any distance.

HSC Edit 1.8 is available for download at US$79.95 per module, $39.95
for the Multi-Curves module and $59.95 for the image enhancer — or
$299.95 as a bundle.