LaCie ( has announced the LaCie Network Space 2,
design by Neil Poulton, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and media
server. The LaCie Network Space 2. Its Network Assistant offers
dashboard functionality. You can customize the dashboard with useful
widgets to access network and drive information, administer user
accounts and monitor drive capacity.

LaCie Network Space 2 lets you stream photos, music and videos to
computers on the local network or to any UPnP/DLNA compliant devices
like PlayStation3 or Xbox 360. It includes iTunes server software so
Mac and PCs can see and play content from the LaCie Network Space 2
directly through the iTunes interface. It also includes Download
Machine that allows multiple torrent downloads, even when your
computer is turned off.

While the LaCie Network Space 2 can perform at speeds of up to
65MB/second over the Ethernet connection, you may choose to leverage
it as an external USB hard drive — connecting it directly to your
computer for off-network file transfer and accessibility.

Additionally, there’s an USB 2.0 host connection in the front of the
device that allows you to connect a USB flash drive, external hard
drive or digital camera, and import files automatically without the
need of a computer. The LaCie Network Space 2 includes a built-in
power management widget, which lets you control both the light on
your drive, as well as your drive’s Eco Management; placing the drive
into a low power setting at scheduled time intervals or when the
product is inactive. Additionally, the Network Space 2 can be
awakened through its Wake-on-LAN functionality.

Designed exclusively for LaCie by Neil Poulton, the compact LaCie
Network Space 2 has a mirror-polished black finish with a blue LED
strip on its underside that creates an ambient glow. It’s available
in a 1TB capacity in Europe and will be available worldwide later
this year.