NetLogic Microsystems (, a worldwide
leader in high-performance intelligent semiconductor solutions for
next-generation Internet networks, today announced the production
availability of the NLP1220 dual-port 8.5Gbps FibreChannel PHY
repeater device with an integrated low-power equalization engine.
The NLP1220 offers best-in-class power consumption and latency to
customers developing next-generation data center switches and storage
Host Bus Adapters (HBAs).

The NLP1220 PHY device offers superior transmit and receive jitter
performance as a result of the integrated high-performance LC phase
locked loop circuit and an advanced second-order clock-and-data
recovery (CDR) design. Moreover, NetLogic Microsystems’ unique
granular power-down modes for the transmit, receive and equalizer
circuitry, combined with an innovative analog/digital hybrid
architecture, provide customers with industry-leading low power and
low latency profiles, making it ideal for high-density data center

As the industry’s first dual-port Fibre Channel repeater with 2/4/8G
capability as well as the first device with a dual-receiver analog
front end, NetLogic Microsystems’ NLP1220 PHY device integrates the
receiver and transmitter SerDes functions on a single chip with
on-chip clock drivers, multiple loop-back features and PBRS
generation and verification for both the line side and system side.
The integrated low-power equalization engine doubles the reach of
FibreChannel signals on PCB traces and cables, supporting up to 15
meters on 24/26 AWG cables and up to 10 meters on 30 AWG cables.

“Our NLP1220 product extends our 10 Gigabit Ethernet SerDes
technology and market leadership into the enterprise storage and data
center markets,” said Stefanos Sidiropoulos, vice president of the
Physical Layer Products at NetLogic Microsystems. “We are excited to
see the strong interest for our new Fibre Channel PHY product from
multiple customers.”

The NLP1220 PHY device is currently available in a compact,
RoHS-compliant 12x12mm BGA package with industry-standard 1mm ball
pitch for ease of manufacturability. NetLogic Microsystems has
completed interoperability testing of the NLP1220 device with leading
8G FibreChannel controllers, backplanes, direct-attached cables and
SFP+ modules.