Aquafadas has released SnapFlow 1.0
(, a new
US$129 image studio software solution for Mac OS
X (10.5.6 or higher). With it you can select
shots from any video files (HD, SD, Quicktime,
MPEG, AVCHD), compare similar shots, enhance
images, and deinterlace.

With SnapFlow, you can: select the best shots and
collect them in albums including smart albums;
apply pre-defined image enhancing workflows
(image filters); generate documents such as DVD
covers; export the best shots in bulk, in any
image format, with optional metadata; and
organize videos and their associated images into
projects. It comes with some pre-defined
workflows that let you create DVD covers for your
video material. You can create and save your own
models. SnapFlow 1.0 understands all QuickTime
formats, including the HD formats used by

SnapFlo sports the following modules:

° The Project module, which gathers all the
original media as well as the selected video
frames, the albums and smart albums and all the
workflow definitions. Inside a project, users can
move back and forth between the still images and
the videos they were extracted from.

° The Player, which lets you play the input video
files and mark the frames of interest. It
supports the playback of Quicktime movies but
also raw MPEG files including AVCHD videos.

° The Mosaic Search Tool, which lets you navigate
into your video clips using a viewer and
drill-down into your movies until you find the
frame you want.

° The Frame Viewer, which lets you inspect and annotate your picked frames.

° The Compare Tool, which lets you compare a
frame with its neighbors in the movie.

A variety of image filters can be applied to
collections of images before they get exported.
You can design your own templates with the
provided tools and create DVD covers for your
videos. SnapFlow lets you export all the selected
video frames in bulk, with optional metadata and
fine control over the output quality. In
addition, SnapFlow comes with a dedicated
Spotlight module and supports Quick Look.