Brigadoon Software has updated MacPhoneHome
(, which is designed to protect Macs
from theft by tracking and locating lost or stolen systems, to
version 3.3.2. The upgrade is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow

MacPhoneHome costs US$29.95. A family household license has a
one-time fee of $79.95 and allows the user to install MacPhoneHome on
as many computers in the household as is necessary, even the ones
kids may have away at college. The road warrior license protects two
computers for $49.95.

A blanket enterprise license for large K-12 organizations, colleges,
universities and corporations covers all of a school district’s
computers and all faculty computers. Also available is a license
laptop take-home program for all student computers. The K-12
Enterprise license is capped at $9,995 per year regardless of number
of computers to be protected.

With the enterprise version, there is no need to individually
configure each computer while installing the software. The
organization’s ownership information is hard coded inside the
enterprise edition so it can be “pushed” onto an organization’s
computers via their network or deployed via disk image. A small
organization can license up to 75 computers for $499.95.