To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on
November 9, iMinds ( creator of eight-minute
MP3 knowledge grabs, has released a Berlin Wall Collection, featuring
six tracks that teach listeners about the rise and fall of the Berlin
Wall. The iMinds Specialist Berlin Wall Collection, available through and the iTunes Store, provides a foundation of knowledge
that contextualizes the upcoming anniversary and provides listeners
with the knowledge to pepper their dinner party banter with
interesting factoids.

“The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 is one of the most significant
events in recent world history that most of us were able to witness
on television, but I’m sure many people would like to learn more
about the rise of the wall, the wider context of global relations at
the time and the wall’s eventual demolition,” said Olivia Wood,
founder, iMinds. “That’s where iMinds comes in. Our bite-size
knowledge grabs are the perfect way to get up to speed on general
knowledge topics. Simply download on to your MP3 player and learn

The iMinds Specialist Berlin Wall Collection features six
eight-minute MP3 audio tracks: Rise of The Berlin Wall, East Germany,
The Iron Curtain, Crossing The Berlin Wall, The Fall of The Berlin
Wall and German Reunification. Each title focuses on a core element
of the historic event, the collection gives a strong overview in less
than an hour. The tracks are sold as a collection of six for $3.99
via or the iTunes Store. The tracks are also available
individually for $0.99.

iMinds employs professional writers, editors and experts to produce
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listeners a solid topic overview in eight minutes. iMinds MindTracks
feature high-quality voice-over artists and are mixed with a
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iMinds currently offers more than one hundred titles across 12
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