SSH Communications Security (, a provider of
open-standards-based enterprise security and managed file transfer
solutions, has announced SSH Tectia MFT Portal and SSH Tectia MFT

SSH Tectia MFT Portal is an interactive file transfer portal with a
web-based user interface to share files securely inside organizations
as well as with external stakeholders. SSH Tectia MFT z/Optimizer
enables the customers to migrate from the proprietary Sterling
Connect:Direct file transfer solution to open-standards-based secure
file transfers.

These new solutions complement SSH Tectia MFT Events and SSH Tectia
MFT Auditor that SSH introduced earlier this year, and they enable
the customers to further automate and extend their secure data flows,
according to Jari Mielonen,CEO of SSH Communications Security.

SSH Tectia MFT Portal provides a fast-to-deploy data sharing service
for remote and traveling employees, marketing partners,
subcontractors, and other users in need of easy and managed access to
business data and material, he adds. SSH Tectia MFT Portal
facilitates data access with the back-end data repositories using a
selection of protocols, including secure file transfer protocols SFTP
and FTPS, JDBC for database access, and SMTP or POP3 for e-mail

SSH Tectia MFT z/Optimizer is a file transfer job conversion software
for the IBM z/OS mainframe platform, which transparently converts
file transfer jobs written for the Sterling Connect:Direct file
transfer tool into the de-facto standard SFTP file transfer protocol.
SSH Tectia MFT Portal and SSH Tectia z/Optimizer will be available by
the end of 2009 directly from SSH Communications Security, and from
its global network of sales channel partners.