eMedia Music Corp. (http://www.emediamusic.com), through its
distribution agreement with iZotope, has announced iZotope Music &
Speech Cleaner, a toolkit for improving audio files and home video
soundtracks. The US$39.95 software, due next month, is compatible
with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.

iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner allows you to extract and improve your
home video soundtracks. You can extract audio from your MOV, WMA, and
AVI format video files so you can enhance and cleanup your video
soundtracks or dialogue. iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner works with
same types of files you use with iMovie, GarageBand and other video
editing software (e.g, WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, WMA, MOV and

It purportedly makes vinyl and cassette transfers easy; just press
the “record file” button to get started. Once recorded, a file can be
separated into multiple tracks. This allows you to record an entire
side of a record or tape, split it into tracks and save your files as
WAV or AIFF and then use iTunes to create MP3 files, AAC files or
burn to CD. iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner also allows you to reduce
or eliminate pops and clicks from vinyl, bad microphone connections
and more with the “reduce pops” module.

The software includes a “reduce noise” module that enables you to
lower or eliminate a wide variety of noise such as hiss and ambient
noise from audio recordings. The “enhance music” is designed to
improve the sound of music recordings. There’s also an “enhance
voice” feature to improve the sound of most voice recordings.