Native Instruments has introduced Scarbee MM-Bass
(, a new
software instrument designed to provide an authentic rendition of the
distinctive Musicman Sterling electric bass.

MM-Bass is based on the Scarbee Black Bass library, and is the latest
release in the partnership between Native Instruments and sampling
expert Thomas Hansen Skarbye. Powered by the industry-leading Kontakt
engine and playable both via the free Kontakt Player or the full
Kontakt sampler, Scarbee MM-Bass recreates the full sonic spectrum of
the Sterling bass guitar.

The instrument was created with assistance from producer Nile
Rodgers, and is available in two separate versions that address
different musical applications and production requirements. The
standard version (US$89)was recorded through a DI box for a clean
“funk” sound, and retains full flexibility for individual re-amping
and further sound processing. The optional “Amped” version ($119)
offers the choice between four different amp characteristics,
providing various ready-to-record tones for rock, pop and urban

All four strings of the original instrument have been sampled in nine
velocities, using flat-wound strings for a smooth vintage sound,
resulting in 3GB of studio-grade sample material for the regular
version and 12GB for the “Amped” version. Specific “Player Profiles”
for various genres as well as EQ and effect controls allow musicians
and producers to further customize the sound and behavior of MM-Bass
to fit the musical context.