Objective Development has released the final version of LaunchBar 5
(http://www.obdev.at/launchbar/) for Mac OS X, the next major release
of the productivity utility. The new version comes with built-in
Clipboard History and ClipMerge functionality for merging subsequent
Copy operations,

LaunchBar 5 also adds Quick Look support, iCal support for creating
events and to-do items. Plus, it includes lots of new and improved
actions and file operations and has an improved, extensible
Calculator. LaunchBar is now scriptable via AppleScript, provides
keyboard access to Mac OS X Services, and more.

LaunchBar is an utility that provides instant access to your
applications, documents, contacts and bookmarks, to your music
library, to search engines and more. A 30-day demo is available for

LaunchBar 5 costs approximately US$36 for a single-user license and
$59 for a five-computer family license. Upgrades from previous
versions start at $14.