Mixamo (http://www.mixamo.com) has announced support for Autodesk 3ds
Max software biped system control rigs, streamlining animation
workflow for 3D artists and game developers.

Previously relying only on traditional motion-capture and keyframing
processes to animate biped characters, 3ds Max users are now able to
obtain access to Mixamo’s online collection of customizable,
motion-capture quality character motions and bake them directly onto
their bipeds. Mixamo accelerates productivity of artists and game
developers by allowing the creation of premium 3D character
animations up to five times faster than current industry averages,
according to Marc Stevens, Autodesk vice president, Games Group.

Mixamo allows animators, game artists and 3D professionals to browse
through a collection of 3D character motions developed from actual
motion-capture data. After selecting a desired animation, a user can
customize the motion using director-level, slider-based controls in
real-time. Users may then upload personal biped characters to Mixamo,
which automatically retargets the motion to the character. Once
customization is complete, the user may download the motion directly
into their production pipeline using the Autodesk FBX file format.

The Mixamo online service leverages the 2010 version of the freely
available Autodesk 3ds Max FBX plug-in, and can be installed with
Autodesk 3ds Max 2008 or later. Mixamo’s support of Autodesk Maya
software control rigs is forthcoming.