WoodWing Software (http://www.woodwing.com) has unveiled the next
generation of its Enterprise publishing system. Enterprise 7 offers
flexibility when it comes to the integration of social media into
modern multi-channel publishing environments, according to Erik
Schut, president of WoodWing Software.

Also, the planning of editorial content can now be based on instant
analysis of online reader interests, while the new Search 2.0
provides highly relevant results when doing research, he adds.
Enterprise 7 comes with Content Station 7, a new version of the
client application that provides publishers with the ultimate tool to
plan, produce and manage content for multiple destinations.

WoodWing Enterprise 7 can publish to virtually any channel, including
Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube. More traditional channels such
as web, mobile, e-mail, SMS and print are also covered. Enterprise 7
has the open-source Apache Solr search engine on board, and the
generated Faceted Search results are hits that are classified and
grouped, so that the user can filter and then review all the results
in greater detail. After finding one image that may be close to the
desired result, the Visual Search engine will analyze colors,
textures and shapes to find similar images, without the need for a
keyword search. Enterprise 7 also introduces Smart Catalog, which
enables publishers to link their InDesign pages to an external
structured data source. Linked data will appear on the page
automatically and formatting is done on-the-fly using pre-set rules.

In Content Station 7, users will notice the enhanced user-interface
when working with Dossiers. Articles within one Dossier are logically
grouped together for quick navigation, while the publication channel
overview provides a complete summary of all items published to the
various channels. Another addition is the support of
multiple-component articles in the built-in media-neutral text editor.

WoodWing’s Smart Connection plug-ins, which are the foundation for
print content producers using InDesign and InCopy, have also been
updated with a myriad of features to make working with Dossiers as
efficient as possible, says Schuut. The user interface has been
further refined based on customer feedback.

Enterprise 7 supports Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”), Windows 7 and
Windows Server 2008. Contact WoodWing for pricing options.