QuickerTek has announced the US$89.95 Auto and Airline Charger
(www.quickertek.com/products/macbook_air_auto_airline_charger.php )
for the MacBook Air. Unlike the Apple charger, QuickerTek’s charger
recharges the internal battery while you’re using the laptop.

All of the standard MacBook Air power options are maintained,
including MagSafe operation. You gain additional power options
through a 2.5mm connector allowing access to other QuickerTek power
products from solar cells to external batteries. There are additional
safety options including a user-serviceable inline fuse as well as
power filtering.

There’s even enough power to supply the iPod touch, iPod and/or
iPhone with usable power through the USB port, according to the folks
at QuickerTek. Automobile functionality is provided via a standard
auto power adapter. Users also have a three foot cable.