Intego (, the Macintosh
security specialist, has teamed up with other Mac
security software partners for the Mac Security

This bundle, available now through Oct. 31,
contains 12 applications that cover the security
needs of Mac users. Available for US$49.99, this
bundle is 90% off the total price of the programs
purchased individually, according to Intego CEO
Laurent Marteau. The Mac Security Bundle contains
the following programs: ° Intego VirusBarrier X5,
antivirus software;

° Micromat TechTool Pro 5, for hard drive and system repair and maintenance;

° Absolute Software Computrace LoJack, which
tracks, locates and recovers stolen computers;

° Macware WebGhost, which hides your IP address so you can surf anonymously;

° Intego ContentBarrier X5, designed to keep kids
safe from the dangers of the Internet;

° Intego NetBarrier X5, which protects your Mac from Internet attacks;

° Smith Micro Spring Cleaning, which organizes
your hard drive and eliminates duplicate files;

° JoeSoft Klix, which finds and recovers
corrupted pictures on your camera or media card;

° Intego Personal Antispam X5, which keeps your
inbox spam-free, and filters phishing e-mails;

° Intego FileGuard X5, which safeguards your
confidential files in virtual safes;

° Intego Personal Backup X5, which backs up
files, synchronizes folders, and clones startup

° MOApp MyWallet, which secures passwords and other important information.

All of these programs are compatible with Mac OS
X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”), as well as Mac OS X 10.4
and 10.5. In addition to these 12 security
programs, the first 10,000 purchasers of the Mac
Security Bundle will receive a free copy of
GagaFactory’s Radio Gaga, which lets them listen
to and record 10,000-plus Internet radio stations.