Equinux (http://www.equnix.com) has released VPN Tracker 6.0, the
newest version of its IPSec-based VPN client for Mac OS X. The
upgrade supports the new Internet protocol IPv6 in addition to 64-bit
mode in Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”).

With help from a simplified certificate manager, system
administrators can distribute and update current security
certificates with out having to make any changes on the side of the
client. VPN Tracker 6 also maintains data-integrity with the latest
security standards: these include the addition of SHA-2 family of
hash-algorithms, secure internet communication with Diffie-Hellman
(DH) 14+ groups and integration with the new Service Management
Frameworks in Snow Leopard.

VPN Tracker 6 also brings the workflow of the mobile user to the
foreground, according to equinux CEO Till Schadde. The starting point
here is the “Secure Desktop.” Here users’ documents, Internet
addresses, applications and scripts can all be easily organized
giving VPN-users the direct access they need most. Every item in the
Secure Desktop can be completely configured and linked to any one of
the users VPN connections. Administrators and consultants can create
multiple Secure Desktops which can also be pre-configured and
exported for specific users.

PN Tracker 6 integrates even better into business operations,
according to Schadde. VPN Tracker automatically creates a VPN tunnel
that all windows-applications running on virtual machines, can share
including Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion. Mac OS X L2TP and PPTP
connections can also be controlled in VPN Tracker 6. To keep
connections going longer, VPN Tracker 6 offers DHCP-renewing and
rekeying. VPN Tracker 6 also supports Dead Peer Detection, currently
used by Watchguard, Fortinent and SonicWALL, as well as Hybrid Mode
used by both CheckPoint and Cisco.

VPN Tracker simplifies the roll-out of VPN software through a
licensing and deployment system, says Schadde. The Mail based
software distribution automatically creates a special disk images
that includes the correct edition of VPN Tracker, a pre-configured
Secure Desktop and VPN Connection as well as the software-license.
The software distribution is based on a voucher-system that makes
licensing VPN Tracker child’s play.

VPN Tracker 6 is available in three editions and runs on Mac OS X
10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 (Snow Leopard): VPN Tracker Personal Edition is
designed for single-users that would like to use the Internet to
connect to a remote network. VPN Tracker 6 Professional Edition is
geared for administrators and consultants and offers the ability to
access to multiple remote networks at the same time independent from
each other.

Additionally, the Professional Edition can create, export and deploy
connections to other remote users. VPN Tracker 6 Player complements
VPN Tracker Professional for enterprise users to simply need
establish VPN connections. VPN Tracker 6 is now available in the
equinux Online Store and includes English and German localizations.
Single licenses start at US$99.