Sassafras Software ( has released a new
version (6.2) of K2 KeyAuditor & KeyServer with new tools for
optimizing, automating, and simplifying the management of software
assets throughout an enterprise.

K2 6.2 integrates new measurement metrics into application usage
tracking so that re-allocation of unused software licenses (and the
K2 client it- self) can become fully automatic based on usage
patterns. The set of built in reports can then be scrutinized for
trend analysis, migration planning, and for license contract renewal
negotiations. Many of the routine K2 client and license re-allocation
tasks will no longer require attention, resulting in greater
optimization of software budget and personnel resources, according to
John Tomeny, vic president of Business Development, Sassafras

K2 is a cross platform Software Asset Management (SAM) solution for
managing software license entitlements throughout an enterprise. It
tracks, controls, and reports software usage for license compliance
and cost reduction. K2’s reports include hardware profiles and
complete software audits in detailed or summary formats. Software
usage histories and trends can be examined across an enterprise and
its divisions. Customizable reports provide integrated views of
software and hardware asset allocation, software usage patterns, and
license compliance for Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and virtual

The Web Reports component supports RSS feeds to deliver HTML
formatted reports that can be scheduled for periodic execution. K2’s
data can be integrated with other SAM/ITAM tools for customized
reports to serve a variety of organizational requirements. K2 scales
well from small lab management facilities of dozens of computers to
global enterprises managing tens of thousands of computers worldwide.

K2 6.2 is now shipping. Customers who purchased K2 after November 30,
2008, and customers with an Upgrade Subscription Plan, will receive
K2 version 6.2 at no charge. New purchase costs, which include the
entire package (no add-on components are required) and free technical
support, are computed on a per-client basis with average price per
client costs dropping below $10.00/seat for large sites using K2 to
manage thousands of computers.

Upgrade costs for customers without an Upgrade Subscription Plan are
computed based on the size of each K2 installation and its last
purchase date. Discounts are available for educational and non-profit