Connectivity solutions provider Gefen ( has
announced the availability of two new plug and play methods of system
integration among computer systems using DisplayPort connectivity.

The US$149 DVI to Mini-DisplayPort Adapter is designed for computer
users who want to use a standard DVI port to connect a new flat panel
display using mini-DisplayPort connectivity, such as the 24-inch
Apple Cinema Display. The DVI to Mini-DisplayPort Adapter can be used
to connect a second display in mirrored mode to extend the desktop.

The DisplayPort KVM Switcher ($399) is a keyboard/video/mouse
switcher that offers a method of accessing any two computers from the
same display, with the same USB 2.0 keyboard/mouse control. Switching
between computers takes place using the IR remote or front-panel
selector. It has support for high definition video resolutions, USB
2.0 peripherals and an audio output.