Griffin Technology ( has announced
MyPhones volume limiting headphones for kids. These over-the-ear
headphones are customizable for children aged 3 to 12. They’ll be
available in early October for US$39.95.

The two most important factors in good ear health are noise level and
listening duration. At MyPhones’ core is an 85-decibel
volume-limiting circuit. MyPhones’ design allows for the same great
sound quality as other Griffin headphones, but at an ear-friendly
listening level, according to Paul Griffin, founder and CEO of
Griffin Technology.

Why 85 dB? This is the level that pediatric audiology and safety
agencies regard as ideal for kids, Griffin says. Combined with a
break in listening every hour or two, kids’ ears are well protected
from damage.

MyPhones are supra-aural, sitting over the ear with no in-ear piece.
The design has soft rubber ear cushions and an adjustable band. An
1/8-inch headphone plug connects to the headphone jacks most commonly
found in all kinds of devices: iPod, iPhone, DVD players, gaming
consoles, and computers.

MyPhones are designed so that the kids, themselves, can further
customize each pair. The shell caps are removable and come with three
interchangeable design inserts. The inserts can be used as templates
to encourage kids to make their own custom-drawn inserts to be placed
inside. Children can visit (with their
parents’ permission, of course) and upload their own designs, or
download others.

The MyPhones package even doubles as a rigid plastic carrying
case, large enough to carry both headphones and an iPod and help kids
keep everything organized. The clear plastic shell also allows for
further decoration and customization.