Unity Technologies (http://www.unity3d.com) —
provider of the Unity development platform that
enables console-quality games for the web, the
iPhone and the Nintendo Wii — has released Unity
1.5 for iPhone. It offers full support for the
iPhone 3GS and a performance boost (purportedly
up to three times faster than the last version).

Unity 1.5 also offers:

° Full support for native Objective C and C++
code opens full access to the iPhone 3.x APIs
(application programming interfaces) and custom

° Built-in anti-piracy protection, which lets you
identify from the Unity scripts if Apple DRM was
removed from the application bundle and modify
application behavior accordingly;

° Access to native iPhone functionality from the
Unity scripts: video-playback, on the screen
keyboard support and GPS/location services;

° Support for the eight-texture shading on iPhone
3GS with automatic fallbacks for iPhone 3G
performance critical paths rewritten to take
advantage of the VFP coprocessor.

Unity for the iPhone is available in two
editions. iPhone Basic is US$399; iPhone Advanced
is $1,499.