Folder Action Setup 1.0.1 released 10/4/98 by The AppleScript Sourcebook.

Folder Action Setup 1.0.1 is available for download at
It is a control panel application for managing Mac OS 8.5 folder actions,
which are AppleScripts that can be attached to any folder. Folder Action
Setup requires Mac OS 8.5, which is scheduled for public release on October
17, 1998.

Read the web page for more information. Improvements in this version are
listed at the bottom of the page. Complete instructions in Mac OS 8.5 Apple
Help form are included with the download.

To install, drop the Folder Action Setup control panel on your closed
System Folder, and it will be auto-routed to your Control Panels folder.
Install the help files by dragging the Folder Action Setup Help folder into
the Help folder in your System folder.

Folder Action Setup is shareware for $7.50 US (or $5.00 US cash). This is a
fully-functional trial version. After a 30-day free trial period, the
ability to attach folder actions to your folders using Folder Action Setup
will be disabled until you apply your registration key. (The 30-day trial
period begins running the first time you launch folder action setup. You
therefore may not want to try running it until you have installed Mac OS
8.5 — it won’t work until then, anyway.)

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