Casio ( has released two new additions to the
Exilim digital camera lineup. The Exilim Zoom EX-Z450 and Exilim Zoom
EX-Z90 both are equipped with Intelligent AF, a new function that can
detect even a non-human photographic subject, allowing the models to
automatically determine the focus and exposure area.

In addition, Casio’s Dynamic Photo function, for composite moving
image creation, is now faster and easier to operate, allowing users
to produce animated electronic greeting cards and other digital
creations. New to the Casio Exilim lineup is the Intelligent AF
feature which, in addition to the line’s usual face detection
technology, automatically detects non-human photo subjects in the
whole composition and determines the focus and exposure area. By
simply pointing the camera at a desired shot, Intelligent AF ensures
a focused, crisp picture without an out-of-focus subject, according
to says Toshiyuki Iguchi, Senior General Manager of Casio’s Digital
Imaging Division at Casio America.

Further advancements have been achieved for Dynamic Photo, which
enables users to cut out images of a moving subject and combine them
with a different still image. In the past, it was necessary to take
photos twice in order to cut out the moving subject, but now a moving
subject can be cropped from a single shot, as long as the background
is flat and in one color.

The Exilim Zoom EX-Z450 sports a 12.1 effective megapixel image while
boasting a wide-angle 28 mm 4X optical zoom lens. In addition to a
CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism, the EX-Z450 features a
Landscape Mode for taking enhanced scenery shots, and a Makeup Mode
that enhances the beauty of a person’s face.

Te Exilim Zoom EX-Z90 is a 12.1 effective megapixel digital camera
with a 3X optical zoom lens. It’s small enough to fit in your
pocket, clutch or the palm of your hand.

The EX-Z450 will have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of
US$199.99 and will be offered in champagne. The EX-Z90 will have an
MSRP of $149.99 and will be available in pink and black. Both cameras
will begin to ship to stores in early October.