Morrison SoftDesign has updated FontXChange
( — Mac OS X software
that converts fonts to OpenType, PostScript Type
1 and TrueType for both Macs and Windows systems
— to version 2.0. The upgrade sports new folder
naming options, new file naming options and a new
feature to choose how a converted fonts are named
in application font menus

It also sports an updated user interface and
updated support for: previewing different font
formats; how certain platform names are read from
Name tables; complex contours in Type 1 fonts;
and the UniqueID field of the Name table. There
are also several bug fixes.

FontXChange supports batch processing for
converting entire font libraries and has
preferences to set font encodings. FontXChange
has a font inspection window with preview and
support for many font encodings, including Adobe
Standard, Unicode, Mac Roman, and Windows ANSI,
and European.

FontXChange is designed to understand many
different font formats and can convert fonts into
many different formats. You can use it to:

° Convert PostScript Type 1 fonts (Macintosh or
Windows format) into a single modern OpenType
font file that works on both Mac and Windows

° Recreate missing screen fonts using a PostScript font file in any format;

° Convert TrueType fonts to PostScript fonts;

° Convert Windows fonts to Macintosh and vice-versa.

FontXChange is Universal Binary so runs natively
on both PowerPC and Intel Macs. It requires Mac
OS X 10.3 or higher. FontXChange is US$99.99 for
a single-user license.