Syncro Soft has released version 5.0 of its SVN client
( The upgrade adds the Diff Files and
Diff Directories tools, updates the main menu and toolbar actions for
the Working Copy, Synchronize and Repository views, and comes with a
new application toolbar for easier access to the most common SVN

The Diff Fiels tool allows finding the differences between two files
with other algorithms than the build-in one of the SVN server and
applying some options like ignore whitespaces, merge adjacent
differences, etc. Diff Directories tool allows finding the
differences between two sets of files that have the same names but
are located in different folders. Two files with the same name can be
compared with the binary content method or the last modification
timestamp method.

The menus and toolbars were changed in Syncro SVN Client 5.0. Some
actions where added or removed in the menu bar and in the Working
Copy, Synchronize, Repository, History views so that the most used
actions can be accessed faster. A new toolbar was added. For
compatibility with applications that may not support the latest
working copy format, this can be specified at checkout: SVN 1.4, SVN
1.5 or SVN 1.6. The new version offers upgrade/downgrade actions for
changing the working copy format, allowing to maintain compatibility
with applications that don’t support the latest working copy format.

Syncro SVN client license with a one year maintenance pack costs
US$59. A Syncro SVN client site license with a one year maintenance
pack is $2,970. Volume discount rates are available starting with
five licenses. Syncro SVN Client can be run on Mac OS X, Windows,
Linux and Solaris systems.