Vemedio has released its first application for the iPhone and iPod
touch, called SnowRemote, and updated its Snowtape radio software
Snowtape. SnowRemote enables the user to remote control Snowtape
wirelessly within his local home network.

SnowRemote syncs wirelessly with the brand new version 1.2 of
Snowtape. It enables the user to quickly browse through hundreds of
radio stations, search using genres and countries, search by keywords
and remotely mark stations as favorite, says Martin Hering, founder
of Vemedio.

The integrated playback controller allows for changing play/pause and
start and stop recording the program, as well as changing the
playback volume. It also displays current album artwork if available.

The new version of Snowtape features an improved search algorithm for
album artwork, a better handling of deleted items and a search for
stations by country. There are now over 1000 high quality radio
stations available.

Snowtape is available in English, German, Japanese, French and
Italian. SnowRemote is available in English.

Snowtape is available for download;
registration is US$29. A demo version is available that restricts
recording to 60 minutes total. SnowRemote is available for $.99 at
the Apple App Store.

Snowtape requires Mac OS X 10.5.2 or later, an Intel or PowerPC-based
Mac with discrete graphics and a broadband internet connection.
SnowRemote requires an iPhone or iPod touch, iPhone OS 3.0, an
installation of Snowtape 1.2 and a wireless network.