REAL Software, creator of REALbasic, a cross-platform development
tool ( for creating software for Mac,
Windows, and Linux, today announced the availability of their new VB
Migration Assistant to help developers migrate their applications
from VB to REALbasic. Using the VB Migration Assistant
( developers can more easily
port their code to REALbasic, instead of using the tedious copy/paste

The VB Migration Assistant allows users to map VB controls to
specific REALbasic controls and move forms, classes and modules to a
REALbasic project. Further, the Migration Assistant copies over all
of the code and comments it out, which allows users to convert code
one method at a time.

“Converting from Visual Basic 6 to REALbasic isn’t complicated,”
commented Bob Keeney, a longtime REALbasic user. “The new VB
Migration Assistant promises to save you hours of grunt work in
converting a Visual Basic 6 project to REALbasic.”

The VB Migration Assistant works with VB5 and VB6 projects, and is
available for download now at
REALbasic and REAL Studio are available for download on Mac, Windows
and Linux, and are both available in 30-day trials.

REALbasic / REAL Studio is a full-featured cross-platform software
development tool suited to creating a wide range of applications,
from utilities to enterprise-class applications. REALbasic Personal
Edition for Windows, Linux and Mac is priced at $99. REALbasic
Professional Edition, required for cross-platform compilation, is
$299. REAL Studio, geared for full-time developers, is $995. All
editions of REALbasic and REAL Studio are now available and can be
downloaded directly from REAL Software at