Realmac Software ( has released
LittleSnapper 1.5, an update of the tool for designers and developers
to take and catalogue screen–shots and “webshots” — full–size
screen–shots of web pages. It now supports more types of media than
ever before — and you can browse each type using the sidebar’s new
Types section.

LittleSnapper 1.5 sports a new screencapture engine that provides the
user with improved full-screen, area and window snapping. The new
snapping engine also allows for multi-window snapping, and
LittleSnapper can composite the windows into one image. The upgrade
also features: a new Tag Management HUD and tag auto-completion;
Quick Look support for all snaps; and an image cropping feature.

Users can now store Photoshop documents within your LittleSnapper
library. LittleSnapper 1.5 now uploads to Realmac Software’s new
Ember image-sharing service.

As well as handling the taking of shots, LittleSnapper also allows
users to organize, categorize and manage them through the
application’s image library. LittleSnapper can take a snapshot of any
given web address from its system–wide menubar item, through a
customizable system–wide keyboard shortcut that snaps the current
web address from a users’ browser, or using the built–in
LittleSnapper Browser.

LittleSnapper is available to download and buy in English from today,
with a single user license costing US$24 for a limited time. A
five–user studio license is $99, again for a limited time only.

LittleSnapper 1.5 is a Universal Binary app so runs natively on both
PowerPC and Intel Macs. It requires Mac OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”).