iZotope (http://www.izotope.com/) has released iZotope Radius for
Logic and Apple Soundtrack Pro, a new version of the time stretching
and pitch shifting algorithm previously built for Apple’s Logic Pro.
This new version has been updated with support for Logic 9 as well as
Soundtrack Pro 3.

iZotope Radius allows for independent control over timing and pitch
of any audio material while preserving the character and acoustic
space of the original recording. Using a hybrid method, it’s able to
preserve transients and sustained material simultaneously, making it
useful for modifying fully mixed performances as well as individual
instruments, voices, or other audio sources. This new version of
Radius adds a new pitch coherence control that enables enhanced
control over the soundstage.

Because iZotope Radius is designed for completely transparent
operation on a wide variety of source material, it’s well suited for
many applications in audio post production such as matching
soundtracks, voiceovers, or other audio cues to video clips and
pull-up, pull-down for film and video conversion, according to the
folks at iZotope.

iZotope Radius for Logic Pro and Soundtrack Pro is available for
purchase directly from iZotope for US$399.99.