Curious Toys, a division of Curious Pictures, has released its Sea
Captain game ( for the iPhone
and iPod touch. It’s available for US$0.99 at the Apple App Store.

Here’s how the game is described: “Sea Captain is an ‘action
strategy’ game that has players acting as the navigator of all ships
docking into their respective ports. Players use fingers to direct
the path of each ship to its dock of the same color. The simplicity
ends with the convergence of multiple ships, all in danger of
colliding with one another, wily pirates and floating icebergs.

“In addition to the usual dock-as-many-as-you-can game play, Sea
Captain introduces strategy and skill through its Captain’s Orders
system. The game tracks the number of lines drawn, and calculates
the player’s score based on the amount of ships docked as well as the
number of orders required. For those who wish to score big, this
game play feature requires players to carefully think through each
path. Another innovation is the old Sea Captain himself — a lovably
odd character who narrates the experience and guides the player on
how to best navigate the seas.

“Captains can unlock three environments: New England, the Arctic, and
the Caribbean Sea. Each map can be played in both day and — the
more difficult — night modes. Once players think they have mastered
the art of sea navigation by unlocking all maps, they can enter the
Challenge Mode, which features six bonus game play scenarios.
Players can post their scores on the global high-score leaderboards.”