Zengobi has released Curio 7.0 (http://www.zengobi.com/curio), an upgrade of the note taking, mind mapping, brainstorming, and task management application for Mac OS X.

The upgrade’s features include: project sections and Organizer folders; left map, right map, and org chart mind map arrangements; project, idea space, and figure galleries with dozens of bundled styles, templates, & stencils; advanced tags with image and hotkey support; time support for start & due dates; hour & minute durations; automatic work week and work time rollups; collapsible index cards; customizable shadows with pinched and bulged shadow effects; independent text shadows; advanced 4-point axial and radial figure and idea space gradients; new Evernote features; network support for template, stencil, style, and Scrapbook repositories and other enhancements and performance improvements.

Curio is available in two editions: Standard (US$99) and Professional ($149, US$69 academia). Discounted Curio 6 upgrades are available to current Curio 5 (and earlier) customers. Version 6.4 is a free upgrade to registered users of version 6.0.