LaserSoft Imaging has released SilverFast 6.6.1
(, an update of the
software for generating perfect raw data from photos and slides.

In order to generate perfect digital RAW data scanned from your
originals, LaserSoft Imaging has developed a new 64 bit HDRi format
for SilverFast 6.6.1 which not only contains complete image data but
also has embedded the dust and scratch information from the scanner’s
infrared channel. This new format is the best way to protect your
precious memories against destruction, loss or fading!

The 64 bit HDRi file serves as a starting point for all further image
editing steps – regardless when, where and how. Other approaches
process dust and scratch removal during the scan process itself,
without any possibility to control or influence the process

In any case, this can lead to final loss of fine image details
without the user ever noticing.

The new 64 bit HDRi format from LaserSoft Imaging contains the full
dynamic range data of the original plus all image correction data in
one file. HDRi surpasses the principle of “Non-Destructive-Editing”
since the user can always optimize all corrections over again.
Instead of driving the scanner directly, SilverFast HDRi enables the
user to read and process raw data with maximum speed, so as if he
would have direct access to his scanner.