TeamViewer, a provider of solutions for online communication and
collaboration, has released TeamViewer Manager for Mac, a database
tool designed to store support session details. Created for large
companies and call centers, TeamViewer Manager is designed to record
session information for quick recall and increased client service in
a secure environment.

Specifically engineered for large enterprises, TeamViewer Manager is
included as part of the Premium license. With TeamViewer Manager,
supporters can establish remote sessions to computers that run the
free Host Module or QuickSupport option, with a single click. Trouble
shooting, online collaboration or online presentation is all possible
through the TeamViewer connection.

To build database details for efficient client service, TeamViewer
Manager is able to store client information in files and folders
organized by the supporters. Support session start and finish times
are automatically saved, providing companies with exact session

TeamViewer Manager also records which supporter completed the session
for future reference. Additional fields can be added to TeamViewer
Manager, making the solution a customized fit for a variety of
organizations. Session details, hardware specifications, ID,
passwords and any other notes the supporters would like to include
can all be securely stored .

Like all TeamViewer solutions, TeamViewer Manager maintains the
highest possible security standards. TeamViewer works behind
firewalls, enabling information sharing without compromising computer

TeamViewer Manager is available as part of the Premium or Corporate
license key, which can be bought with a one-time payment and
downloaded at the TeamViewer web site (