SEO Design Solutions, a Chicago-based SEO firm, has released the SEO
Ultimate WordPress
Plugin ( this week.
It’s an all-inclusive SEO (search engine optimization) tool that
enhances a site’s WordPress theme and custom settings to maximize
search engine optimization.

The SEO Ultimate plug-in (a free download from SEO Design Solutions)
streamlines newly released WordPress 2.8 to purportedly unleash the
power of theming and siloing, relevant naming conventions, unified
tags, titles and other custom WordPress settings that run from the
existing control panel and dashboard when updated. With SEO
Ultimate running from your WordPress control panel, you can create
SEO-friendly naming conventions to aid on-page optimization, rewrite
the names of categories, tags and archives with keyword-rich text,
and customize your web site’s use of nofollow, noindex and robots.txt
settings to establish continuity and consistency for all of your Web
site’s content.

As new releases occur, you can follow one-click upgrade prompts from
your web site’s dashboard to utilize additional SEO tools and