Quark (http://www.quark.com) has announced today its work with EMC
(http://www.emc.com) to integrate Quark XML AuthorTM with the EMC
Documentum enterprise content management solution to bring XML
authoring to anyone using Microsoft Word.

The integration benefits organizations adopting XML in order to
improve collaboration on content creation, enable content reuse, and
comply with regulatory mandates such as the Federal Drug
Administration’s Structured Product Labeling (SPL) standard,
according to Jeroen Van Rotterdam, general manager of XML Solutions
in the Content Management and Archiving Division at EMC.

Quark XML Author allows Microsoft Word users to create reusable XML
content. Now Documentum users can securely manage, review, and edit
XML content created with Quark XML Author directly from Microsoft
Word. Documentum users can also take advantage of the XML
improvements within the Documentum platform, including enhanced
content searching with XML Store, multi-channel publishing with XML
Transformation Services, and dynamic content delivery with Dynamic
Delivery Services.

Quark and EMC will conduct a live demonstration of the Quark XML
Author and EMC Documentum integration at the EMC Federal Government
Forum on July 16 in Washington D. C. The forum will focus on
enterprise content management challenges and solutions relevant to
the United States federal government, including records management
and compliance.