Plustek Technology ( is now offering a
complete line of scanner solutions. The OpticBook A300 is an USB 2.0
scanning device that can scan an A3-size page in 2.4 seconds. The
A300 creates a crisp, sharp image of the pages, which can then be
turned into different formats. The scanner is bundled with highly
effective image processing, fast and secure PDF conversion, and
highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) software. The
OpticBook A300 scans thick books without unbinding or dismantling
them, making it a perfect solution for digitizing and preserving
precious and valuable books ideal for oversize collections and
reference sections of libraries.

The OpticBook 3600 and OpticBook 4600 scanners are great for any
administration task and special collection. A book or document may be
scanned in real time to present the book’s content immediately onto
the computer screen. The scanners auto turn the page orientation for
each odd/even page that is scanned, making organization a breeze.
Traditional scanners or copier-based systems produce distortion
associated with the curvature of book spines and other specialized
book scanners are large overhead devices that can be complicated and
prohibitively expensive. Plustek’s SEE Technology (Shadow
Elimination Element) combines a patent-pending illumination system
with a special edge design that allows the scanning module to scan
right up to the document’s spine. By employing this exclusive
technology the OpticBook eliminates the any spine shadow and text
distortion to output high quality images.

Each OpticBook’s powerful, bundled software package makes it easy to
categorize images, using OCR, to convert text to different document
formats, or burn a CD or VCD slideshow presentation. The OpticBook
3600 allows users to scan and save clean page images to jpg, tif,
bmp, while the OpticBook 3600 Plus also allows the additional feature
to scan and save the image in PDF format. The OpticBook 4600 includes
all of these features and is unique for its fast scanning speed of
3.2 seconds for 300dpi color in A4/Letter size. With Plustek’s
scanner solution for everyone, users will never have to carry a stack
of papers around again.