ngmoco (, creator and publisher of games
exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch, has launched Star Defense
( on the Apple App Store. Developed in
collaboration with Rough Cookie, Star Defense is an US$5.99 strategy
genre with 3D environments and Multi-Touch user interface controls.

Here’s how the game is described: “In Star Defense, players battle
hordes of alien S’rath invaders in their quest to save human outposts
across the galaxy. Using innovative Multi-Touch controls, players
twist, spin, and zoom-in on breathtaking 3D planets and examine the
terrain to plan their defenses.

“Armed with a powerful arsenal of five classes of towers, for a grand
total of 15 different weapons, players strategically place turrets
that unleash everything from burning hot plasma to high-voltage
decimation. The S’rath regularly fortify their troops with new unit
types, new formations and new armor. Survival depends on the
player’s ability to respond to their maneuvers in real time.”

Integration with social networks allows players to expand their
campaigns and compete with friends over Twitter, Facebook, or email.
They can also check out scores posted by other Star Defense players
and take on all challengers by searching for #StarDefense on Twitter.
The game has seven unique planets, two different game modes, more
than 50 Medals and Commendations to be earned on the field, and three
different difficulty settings.