LaCie ( has announced a way to add media player
functionality to existing storage devices. The US$99 LaCinema Classic
Bridge enables users to leverage the investments already made on
internal and external storage solutions, and turn them into dynamic
multimedia devices.

To use, you connect the Classic Bridge to a desired TV, add a storage
device, and play libraries of movies, music, and photos in flawless
1080p HD resolution. The LaCinema Classic Bridge enables two options
for adding storage. Option one allows users to connect an external
USB drive to the front of the device for access to their multimedia
content. Option two allows users to insert an internal hard disk
directly into the device. Users may also choose to implement both
options for expanded capacity.

With the help of a remote control and intuitive navigation menu,
users can browse a centralized media library to select and play their
favorite media. Content can be viewed by file category through a
simple graphic selection, or users may view all multimedia by
clicking the folder icon.

Built with the same features and functionality as the LaCinema
Classic, the LaCinema Bridge works with numerous video, music, and
photo formats, including MPEG4, MP3 and JPEG as well as HD-JPEG for
superior viewing of images over HDMI output. An HDMI cable is