eMedia Music Corp. has announced the upcoming release of IPE Music’s
Piano Scores Unlimited. This invaluable addition to any home or
school music library is the largest digital collection of popular
piano scores from the masters available on one DVD-ROM.

The Piano Scores Unlimited DVD-ROM puts 630 major works from Bach,
Beethoven, Chopin, Joplin, Mozart, Schubert and many others at your
fingertips for less than ten cents per score. With 2,500 pages of
printable music, pianists at every level will find something new to
play. Piano Scores Unlimited allows you to print high-quality,
royalty free sheet music with no restrictions. Piano Scores Unlimited
is easy to navigate for everyone: scores are available sorted by
Composer, Level of Difficulty, Style or Alphabetical. An important
bonus feature of this product is the 26 hours of recorded scores.

The scores were recorded by virtuoso pianists, and listening to them
will engage players on a whole new level, inspiring them to emulate
master musicians playing these classic recordings. These recordings
are formatted as exportable MP3 files, royalty free without
restriction, so you can begin building your classical music
collection at home or in your classroom today!

Piano Scores Unlimited is an exceptional way to teach and learn about
music from the great composers. Each score is from the first edition
of the original work by the composer. Beginning through expert
pianists, piano teachers, music schools, libraries, conservatories
and concert performers can use or print and give the scores out
freely for practice, lessons, exams or homework. Teachers can tailor
the scores to their individual lesson plans by printing portions or
complete collections as often as they like, and these exceptional
graphic quality scores are great tools for lessons, sight-reading or

Piano Scores Unlimited will be released in June 2009 and will be
available at computer and music retail stores nationwide with an
estimated retail price of US$59.95.The Windows DVD-ROM is compatible
with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. A free downloadable demo is also
available from eMedia Music: