Timepodz (http://www.timepodz.com/) is a new iPhone/iPod app that
offers “offers many interesting ways to celebrate age, anniversaries
and other milestones.” Ticking Timepodz can calculate age in seconds,
minutes, hours, days, weeks and months.

They can also be used to calculate measurements of bodily functions
such as heartbeats, breaths, blinks and sweat. The app can also track
up to 10 friends. A Shaker feature displays random Timepodz. There’s
also a Funky Fact and Feature Finder that you access by using the

Timepodz costs US$1.99 and is available at the Apple App Store. A
subscription to Timepodz via the web is priced at $2.99 and includes
extra features such as celebrity Timepodz, customizable Timepodz and
free downloadable desktop app.