RadTech (http://www.radtech.com) has released the CompuShell, an
US$269.96 hard shell laptop case. Like the company’s MacTruck
notebook enclosures, CompuShell envelopes your portable rig with a
heat-extracting 5052-H32 aluminum alloy shell. But unlike the
MacTruck, it has extra space for power supply and peripherals (for
15-inch and smaller notebooks).

CompuShell protects your notebook while you use it. It allows full
use of your computer, storage for your power supply and related
peripherals and unfettered access to all ports, all while cradled
within the case’s protective padding. The notebook is easily removed
from the case if desired; just lift it out and go.

6.5mm air channels located beneath the notebook’s bottom case,
combined with the heat conduction properties of the aluminum shell,
helps keep your notebookcool in the most demanding situation,
according to the folks at RadTech. The handle is constructed from a
graphite enriched poly-resin and shaped for comfort and rotates
throughout a full 190 degree arc, which is handy if you want to stow
your CompuShell inside a backpack, shoulder bag, or suitcase.