WebDNA Software Corp., a developer of Internet
technology products, has released WebDNA 6.2, an
update of the server-side scripting language
that’s designed to simplify the creation of
complex e-commerce sites, web applications, and
intranet office automation solutions. The new
version introduces:

° A built-in database: you can create an
unlimited number of RAM-centric WebDNA databases
or interact with MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle or
PostGres databases;

° A single syntax system: database syntax is built-in to the WebDNA language;

° Multiple platform support: WebDNA runs on Mac
OS X, Windows, Solaris and Linux;

° Enhanced security: automatic encryption option
protects sensitive order information.

WebDNA 6.2 for Mac OS X and Linux and OSX is
available today at the WebDNA store:
http://store.webdna.us. WebDNA 6.2 for Windows
will be available in the third quarter of the
year. The WebDNA 6.2 Developer Edition is
available at no charge. This fully functional,
single domain version allows the developer to
create and test robust WebDNA solutions without
having to purchase a license. Other licenses
appropriate for deployment of a WebDNA solution
are available starting at $65. Upgrades from 6.x
versions are available at no charge.