Samsung Technologies ( has announced the
Expedition XP3081, a portable PA system with an iPod docking station.
It’s designed for traveling performers and presenters and will ship
next month.

The XP308i comes complete with dual two-way speakers, an on-board
mixer and 300-watt power amplifier. You can pack all the pieces
together into a single case. It all weights less than 40 pounds.

The system’s speakers are 2-way vented enclosures with heavy-duty
8-inch woofers for deep bass. These are complemented by a 1-inch
titanium tweeter set in a custom horn with a 60 x 90 coverage
pattern, according to Mark Wilder of Samson Technologies.

The XP308 also sports: an 8-channel mixer with built-in iPod dock,
four mic/line inputs; two stereo inputs; phantom power; integrated
1-3/8 speaker stand mounts; bass and treble control on the mixer’s
channel inputs; monitor output on two 1/8-inch jacks that allows
connection to external monitors; an internal effects processor; a
Music/Speech switch for overall system equalization ; six-segment
level meter with limit indicator; RCA record outputs to connect to
external recorder; and tilt back enclosures for use as floor
monitors. It has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of US$679.99.